Kindergarten Through Eighth Grade (K-8)

School models that keep students in kindergarten through sixth or kindergarten through eighth grade within a single facility allow for less transitions. These school configurations keep students, teachers, and families together for a longer period of time and eliminate transitions during a time that is often difficult for many middle school aged students.

K-8 Schools
Currently, four EVSC schools operate under a K-8 configuration, including Cedar Hall Community School, and Lincoln School in the Central High School district and Glenwood Leadership Academy and Lodge Community School within the Bosse High School district.

Three of the K-8 schools - Cedar Hal, Lincoln, and Glenwood - are part of the EVSC's full-service community schools program. Elements of full-service community schools include early childhood education learning centers, after school and summer programs, a college access network, access to health services, and other supports.

K-6 Schools
Six additional EVSC schools operate under a K-6 configuration. These six schools, which are in the North High School district and will feed North Jr. High School, include Delaware Elementary School, Evans Elementary School, McCutchanville School, Oak Hill School, Scott School, and Vogel Elementary School.