Annual Registration

To make it easier and quicker for families, back-to-school paperwork has moved online! Families can now complete required yearly forms and update your family information via EVSC Parent Access. Plus, you can make updates to one student, and apply those to any other student on your Parent Access account!

How Do I Complete Annual Registration?
1. Visit on your phone, tablet or computer. 

2. Sign in to your "Parent 1" Parent Access account. 

3. Click on the red "Registration Required" box under your student's name. (If you are completing registration on a mobile device, please see the information below the video on where to click to see the Registration required box.)

4. Complete registration. 

For help logging in or creating a Parent Access account, or for help adding additional students to an existing account, click here

Completing Registration on Mobile Devices
Please see the image below on where to click on mobile devices to access the Registration Required box. 

mobile device