Advanced Placement & Dual Credit

Advanced Placement:
Advanced Placement (AP) courses are highly rigorous, college-caliber classes. The EVSC offers approximately 30 of these courses, which are endorsed by College Board. At the completion of the course, students take a nationally-given and scored exam in which they answer a combination of multiple choice and free response questions. Students who perform well on the exam may earn college credit by successfully meeting criteria established by colleges and universities. Students who receive a score of 3 or higher on a 5 point scale are guaranteed college credit at Indiana public universities.

Research has shown that students who take AP courses and exams are more likely to complete a college degree in four years. Additionally, students who score a 3 or higher on an AP exam are shown to perform better in college than their peers.

For more information, visit the College Board website.

Questions? Please contact Lauren Phillips, Assistant Director, by phone at 812-435-8888, ext. 10090 or by email.

Dual Credit:
Students enrolled in dual credit classes receive a rigorous curriculum in which they are able to earn both college and high school credit in the same course. The EVSC offers more than 100 different dual credit courses from a variety of institutions including the University of Southern Indiana, Ivy Tech, Vincennes University, and IUPUI.

The cost of dual credit classes varies depending on the university and course, however, the college credit is generally offered a greatly reduced rate. Additional financial support is often available for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch.

In taking these advanced courses, students are able to earn post-secondary credit which may provide them the opportunity to graduate from college early. Other students find that these courses free up their college schedules so that they are able to earn a dual major or take other electives in areas of interest.

For more information, visit the Indiana Core Transfer Library by clicking on this link.

Questions? Please contact Lauren Phillips, Assistant Directory, by phone at 812-435-8888, ext. 10090 or by email.