Board of School Trustees

The EVSC Board of School Trustees prides itself on maintaining open lines of communication with the residents of Vanderburgh County, while operating in a fully transparent manner. We encourage anyone with a question or concern to contact individual board members using the contact information posted below.

Prior to every school board meeting, a rotating group of trustees are available in our town hall format for a conversation on any topic brought forward by members of the public. Additionally, following the new state statute guidelines, individuals may register to make formal public comment on specific meeting agenda items at the beginning of every regular meeting of the trustees. The superintendent of schools, Dr. David Smith, sits down for a podcast the day following each school board meeting for an in-depth discussion of the official business conducted during the meeting. Finally, interested members of the community are encouraged to visit the Board Docs feature to see meeting agendas, including all attached documentation, from every school board meeting conducted since 2008.

School Board Members

Rev. Paul T. (Terry) Gamblin

Email Rev. Gamblin
 Karen Ragland Mrs. Karen Ragland
Vice President

Email Mrs. Ragland
 MIKE Mr. Michael Duckworth, Sr.

Email Mr. Duckworth
 David Hollingsworth Mr. David Hollingsworth
Email Mr. Hollingsworth
 chris Mr. Christopher A. Kiefer
Email Mr. Kiefer
Ms. Melissa C. Moore
Email Ms. Moore