Special Needs Student Transportation

Guidelines for Students and Parents of Students with Special Needs
1. The first day a student is transported on a special needs bus the driver will provide the parent/guardian with two (2) EVSC Student Information Cards. These cards must be filled out by the parent/guardian and given to the bus driver along with a school photograph of your child.

2. Parents/Guardians must maintain current contact/phone numbers for their students. Please call the EVSC transportation office (435-8263) with address or phone number changes TWO (2) DAYS before the change becomes effective. The Special Needs Transportation Department must have two (2) days to process changes.

3. Parents/Guardians must contact the Special Needs Transportation Department to obtain their student bussing information. To help ensure safe transportation of your student please discuss your student’s special needs with the driver. If your child requires any health care procedures while being transported contact the EVSC transportation office (435-8263).

4. Students with special needs riding special needs buses must be at their designated pick up location at least five (5) minutes before the bus scheduled arrival time. If the student misses the bus it may not be possible for the bus to return. Special needs buses have Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking systems on them. In the event your student misses the bus and it is determined the special needs bus arrived at their designated time that bus will not return for your student.

5. If your student is not attending school on a specific day, please call the EVSC transportation office to cancel your student’s bussing for that day. Please note, if your student does not ride for three (3) consecutive days the bus will not stop again for your child until you call and resume bus service.

6. Special Needs Transportation is considered “curb to curb” service. It is the responsibility of the attendant to assist the parent in getting the student off and on the bus. Parents are responsible for getting their student from the home to the bus and from the bus to the home.
7. A student’s behavior on the bus is expected to follow the student transporting guidelines outlined earlier in this operational manual. Misbehavior on the bus will result in a written referral which will be given to the principal or their designee at the school. The referral will be distributed per document outline. Students may not be suspended due to their handicap.

8. Students in wheelchairs must be properly secured with a pelvic support belt and any other straps recommended by the student’s doctor or therapist. In addition, wheelchairs must be kept in good condition with inflated tires, locking brakes and a footrest. Parents/guardians are responsible for repairs and upkeep of the wheelchair. Transportation for students with special needs cannot be provided if the above requirements are not met.

9. Student’s medications must be given directly to the bus attendant and be in its original container from the pharmacist. The parent/guardian will instructed to place the container in an envelope with the name of the student, the name of the medication, and the number of pills being provided. The driver will provide storage for the medication on the bus. The attendant will deliver the medication to the appropriate school staff.

10. Your student’s clothing and other articles should be properly labeled enabling us to return lost or misplace items to the student or the student’s home school.

11. Record and keep your child’s bus number, driver name and phone number in a safe place. Please be prepared to provide the bus number and/or driver’s name when calling the office regarding your student.

If your child's bus is late or missing please call

812-435-1BUS or email us.