At the EVSC, we know that being actively involved in community events is important for students. To help spread the word on various community events and opportunities for students, the EVSC has partnered with an organization called Peachjar, which allows us to distribute information electronically, via parent emails and on our websites. By distributing information electronically, it allows us to be more environmentally friendly, embrace innovative technology and maintain fiscal responsibility.

The EVSC also utilized Peachjar for distribution of all community information. Community organizations interested in distributing flyers to our students will need to go through a simple registration process through Peachjar and receive approval from the EVSC prior to distribution. Once approved, your flyer will be included in emails to parents and on our school websites through our Peachjar buttons.

To request flyer approval follow the steps below or click here for additional help.
1. Visit and click Register at the top of the page.
2. Register as an Enrichment/Community organization in the account type.
3. Upload your flyer for approval.

Once you upload your flyer for approval, it will be automatically submitted to our offices for approval.

Peachjar allows community partners that do not solicit fees for their services to distribute information for free. Others will be charged a fee for this service but is typically much less than the cost to print, copy and deliver flyers to each student. If you do not have a fee associated with your event, or your event does not lead to any fees, you can call Peachjar and ask to receive credits to your account. To do this call 858-997-2117, ext. 130. Please note: Peachjar operates on PST which is two hours behind CST, so their hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST.

If you have questions for the EVSC, please contact our Center for Family, Schools, and Community Partnerships at 812-435-8343.