General Conditions

1. Facilities will normally be maintained at nighttime temperature.

2. The hours approved for use will include both entry and exit from the facility.

3. Lessee agrees to furnish sufficient supervision to maintain order and to assure compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations and to prevent all smoking on the premises.

4. Lessee will pay for any damage to the facility or contents of the facility by anyone during the period of use, excepting only damage caused by an employee or representative of lessor (Indiana Insurance clause).

5. Lessor assumes no responsibility whatever for any property placed in our facilities, and lessor is hereby expressly relieved and discharged from any and all liability for any loss, injury, or damages to persons or property which may be sustained during the use of a school facility. Furthermore, the lessee agrees to defend lessor if any third person sues lessor for personal injury or property damage and to indemnify lessor against any expenses, losses, damages, or judgment which lessee may incur or be responsible for by reason or any claim or action brought by a third person.

6. Lessee agrees that no shoes other than gym shoes will be worn on gymnasium floors when used for any type of sports activities.

7. Lessor shall have the right to have its representative present at all times during the use of school facilities. Said employee or representative shall be the authority for the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation.

8. Lessee agrees that no signs, displays, or materials may be attached to or nailed against the walls, windows, woodwork, draperies, blinds, stage curtains, grounds, drives, etc., without written approval of the school principal.

9. Possessing, using, selling, or buying alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on any EVSC property is prohibited.

10. Lessee acknowledges that the lessor’s only obligation under the Facilities Rental Agreement is to make the facility available to the lessee and that it is the responsibility of the lessee to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act so as not to exclude any qualified individual with a disability, on the basis of disability, from participation in the benefits of the services, programs, or activities which the lessee conducts and controls.

11. EVSC has entered into an exclusive beverage contract with Pepsi Beverage Company. According to the specific terms and conditions of the agreement, any party using EVSC facilities for any purpose agrees that Pepsi products shall be the exclusive beverages sold, dispensed, distributed, or available at the facilities. Please contact the Office of Operations (812-­‐435-­‐8458) concerning any issue pertaining to this restriction. To order beverages for your event, please contact Pepsi representative Angie Gries at 812-­‐467-­‐4836 or [email protected].

12. EVSC facilities shall not be available for:
a. Social functions (e.g., fundraisers, wedding receptions, dances, parties);
b. Groups participating in gambling (e.g., lotteries, bingo);
c. Groups assembling to criticize or express opposition to the form of/or officials of the government of the United States or the State of Indiana or to express opposition to any race or religious faith;
d. Groups whose activities would subject the facility to extraordinary stress or increase the hazard of fire;
e. Groups without a responsible adult of at least twenty-­‐one (21) years of age or individuals without a sponsoring organization;
f. Personal or individual use or gain.

Please note: Additional guidelines are included on our website ( by linking to Operations, then to Use of School Facilities.