Commitment 1

Commitment 1Commitment Area 1: Learning and Achievement for Every Student

We deeply believe this is our most critical commitment as it represents our belief that every student is capable of achieving at high levels. However, there is still tremendous system level work to do to ensure this is true for every student. Commitment Area 1 reflects our promise to provide academic excellence and equitable opportunities for all students who attend EVSC schools.

Throughout our process, we saw and heard a need to really rethink how we make learning engaging and bring fun back--while also individualizing resources to meet the needs of all our students.


1.1 Align resources and people to the unique needs of students and families, including systems of continuity of support from school entry to college and career planning.

1.2 Expand rigorous coursework and career pathway options and opportunities for all students, including early exploration, with comprehensive counseling approaches that ensure all students graduate with confidence in their college and career readiness plan.

1.3 Expand information and access to enriching opportunities in EVSC that help all students discover passions, talents and interests and connect students to their school community.

1.4 Implement GAIN comprehensively and with high fidelity in PreK-12 to ensure all students have the opportunity to benefit from this evidence-informed approach.