Who can Apply?

The RAMP application is open to all EVSC students ages 16+. Students are selected for the RAMP program based on need, such as credit deficiency. A number of students have other barriers which require wrap around support, such as housing, transportation, being young parents or having responsibilities to support themselves financially.

Students from all EVSC high schools are eligible & encouraged to apply. (Students selected into the RAMP program will still graduate from their home high school.)

If you’re not sure if RAMP is right for you or your child, here are some questions you may want to consider:

• Are you 16 years or older?

• Do you like working and hands-on learning?

• Do you need or want to earn income while in high school?

• Are you interested in finishing your high school diploma requirements in a non-traditional setting with real-world application?

• Have you experienced challenges in life in which you would benefit from additional support?

- Example challenges:
-- I have a hard time in school and with earning credits.
-- I really need to earn income in high school.
-- I am a student and also a parent.
-- I do not live with my family.
-- I find it hard to be motivated to attend and finish high school.
-- I have responsibilities to take care of younger siblings.

• Do you want to learn skills that will benefit you and help you be successful throughout every stage of life?

• Do you want to be in a high school program that makes mentoring and relationships a priority?

• Are you willing to work hard and focus on setting yourself up for success in your future?

• Would you like to look at the application together or speak with your school counselor more about RAMP?

Still not sure if this is right for you or your student? Talk to your school counselor or email us for more support.