Commitment 3

Commitment 3Commitment Area 3: Growing, Supporting and Diversifying Talent

The EVSC as an organization understands its most valuable asset is its people. As such, it is important that talent management and support does not start and end with the hiring process. Instead, as an organization we want to intentionally focus on the entire journey of our greatest asset--from our students in preservice exploring educational careers through retirees who committed years of service to our field in a variety of careers that support student success. This focus on the entire journey and supporting all employees to be able to develop and utilize their strengths, passions, talents and skill sets are critical to empower students for thriving and lifelong success and truly build a culture of belonging and inclusiveness for everyone.


3. 1 Develop student pipeline and pathway programs to promote a diverse, culturally competent workforce.

3. 2 Develop systems of support and talent management for employee induction as well as continuous development of all employees as we foster belongingness and growth among our current and future positions.

3. 3 Facilitate collaboration and cohesion across offices, schools, and families in the spirit of customer service and belongingness as we work together to accomplish our vision for student success.