What is RAMP?

Students accepted into RAMP spend half of their day as employees of AmeriQual, doing hands-on learning of future readiness and technical skills. The other half of the day, students spend in a classroom at AmeriQual, mastering skills required to receive their high school diploma. Connections between the classroom content and hands-on work are intentional and focused on developing a strong transferable skill set and technical skills.

This blended learning approach allows students to not only master core subject matter, but also develop future skills such as the ability to collaborate, think critically, problem solve, communicate effectively and demonstrate ethical practices. Upon high school graduation, students can use these skills to acquire a position in a high-wage, high-demand career field or even to continue pursuing post-secondary training.

Students who desire to be part of this innovative program need to submit an application, which is located on this website. Students are selected on a rolling basis, determined by space available in the program, needs, such as credit deficiency and not being on track to graduate. A number of students have other barriers which require wrap around support, such as housing, transportation, and being young parents or having responsibilities to support themselves financially.

In order to become a part of the RAMP program, students must:

• Pass a background check and drug screen to be employees of AmeriQual and participate in the RAMP program.

• Commit to the full day of programming. The RAMP school day is different than traditional high schools, due to the AmeriQual work schedule. Students will arrive on the bus at 7:40 am and leave at 4:00 pm. Students must attend the school portion of the program each day in order to do the work portion.

• Students must be 16 years of age or older.

Transportation will be provided to and from the program each day. Students are required to ride the bus to and from AmeriQual. Breakfast, lunch, and AmeriQual RAMP shirts/shoes are provided for each student.

The RAMP program will be located at AmeriQual in a functioning manufacturing and production workplace. RAMP and AmeriQual have high expectations for student behavior standards as well as high academic and work standards. Students will need to learn and respect new safety standards in this type of work environment, which will be part of student orientation and training.

RAMP will not follow the regular EVSC school calendar. Since students will be employees of AmeriQual as well as EVSC students, school/work will be year round until enough credits are earned for students to receive a diploma. However, a certain amount of time off/vacation will be provided.

While RAMP students no longer attend classes at their home high school, they can participate in commencement ceremonies and other activities at their home high school.

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