Special Education

Vision Statement: Every student, including those with disabilities, is held to high expectations and has equitable access to educational opportunities that enrich lives and prepare students for future success.

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The EVSC Office of Special Education works to ensure that all eligible students with disabilities receive a free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment as determined by the case conference committee in accordance with state and federal regulations. The EVSC Office of Special Education believes all students can learn and that learning can be maximized given the appropriate services, support and opportunities.

Special education and related services are available to all individuals living within Vanderburgh County between the ages of 3 and 21 at no cost based on a process that begins with a request/referral for evaluation and proceeds through evaluation, eligibility determination, a case conference recommendation for services, and parental consent.

The EVSC employs more than 400 staff members to provide quality services to more than 4,700 early childhood, public school, and private school students receiving various levels of special education support and/or related services. Special education staff works in collaboration with parents, school administrators and community partners to develop plans for individual learners.

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