Big Table

School-Community Council (SCC) Big Table

At EVSpartnershipsC, we know we cannot do it alone.

We partner with more than 90 community agencies; businesses, faith-based groups, and civic and educational organizations to help support children and families. These partners make up what we call our School-Community Council. The work of the School-Community Council is coordinated out of the Center for Family, School, and Community Partnerships, but the partners work together with each other, with the schools, with students, and with families. The members of the School-Community Council truly believe education is everyone’s responsibility and they work to make sure that students and families are successful.

Original Mission: To establish School Sites as places of community to enhance youth and family. 

Original 10 Factors:
• Relationships • Common language
• Shared leadership • Measurable outcomes
• Ownership in the process     
• Integration of resources
• Common vision • Infrastructure
• Avoiding "Turf" • Communication

The EVSC Big Table meetings are on the second Thursday of the odd months at 2:00 pm in the Welborn Conference Room of the Southwestern Healthcare Campus. 410 Mulberry Street - 812.436.4243