Academy of Future Educators

Future Ed Academy
The EVSC is proud to announce its newest Innovative Program, the Academy of Future Educators, in partnership with the University of Southern Indiana. The program, housed at Reitz High School, is open to junior and seniors in Evansville and the surrounding area who are interested in a career in elementary education.

Why Teach?
With the opportunity to earn a competitive salary and benefits package, plus work/life balance and the opportunity to positively impact lives, the Academy of Future Educators is a great choice for any student interested in a career in education. In addition, teachers receive:

  • More than 15 weeks of non-work time each year
  • Great retirement benefits, including employee-sponsored retirement accounts, plus a state pension which is guaranteed income upon retirement
  • Summer School work opportunities with the potential to earn additional income
  • Opportunities to move into leadership positions
  • Work/Life Balance
Why Participate in the Academy?
  1. Students will have the opportunity to take classes on USI's campus, allowing them to experience a college campus and college-level classes while a senior in high school.
  2. Students will complete a minimum of 18 hours of college credit
  3. Students will save more than $13,000 in college expenses
  4. Students will gain more than 150 hours of classroom experience
Required Courses
  • English 101: Rhetoric and Composition - USI course taken at Reitz High School
  • CMST 101: Intro to Public Speaking - USI course taken at Reitz High School
  • Concentrator A: Child and Adolescent Development - Reitz High School
  • Concentrator B: Teacher and Learning - Reitz High School
  • Education 203: Intro to Children's Literature - USI course taken at West Terrace Elementary School
  • Education 206: Introduction to Exceptionalities - USI course taken at West Terrace Elementary School
  • English 201: Rhetoric and Composition II - USI course taken at USI
  • Math 103: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers - USI course taken at USI
Application Requirements
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75 in high school courses
  • Essay outlining why you would like to become an elementary school teacher and participate in the program