Extended Day Snow Days/Early Dismissal/Delay

The ED Centers are open only when schools are open. If schools are closed because of a snow day or other emergency, the ED Centers will be closed. No charge will be made for that day. In the event that an emergency day is made up, the ED Center will be open. A charge will be added for the ED Center Program. If there is a delayed opening of school or early dismissal due to an emergency, such as a snowstorm, the following procedures will be followed:

  • The ED Centers will open at 6:30 am even if there is a delayed opening.
  • If school is canceled after a delayed opening, parents will be notified to pick up their children.
  • If an early dismissal occurs before noon, the Ed Center Program will be canceled for that day.
  • If an early dismissal occurs after noon, the ED Center will be opened as soon as school is dismissed and will operate on a regular schedule. In the event of severe weather, parents are asked to pick up their students as soon as is possible to help protect the safety of the ED Center staff, as well as the students and parents.