Tier 3

Tier 3 instruction is the most intensive support a student can receive. The purpose of Tier 3 is to strengthen a student’s skill set so that he or she can reduce to Tier 2 support. The goal is for interventions to eventually taper off as the child develops specific skills. 

Evidenced-based programs used in Tier 2 are used in Tier 3; however, time intensity and group size change. Students in Tier 3 will participate in the intervention more frequently than in Tier 2. In some cases, Tier 3 will be in addition to Tier 2 (if time allows). Student group size decreases in Tier 3 so that students can be provided with optimal attention and focus on specific skills. Student progress during Tier 3 will be monitored on a weekly basis.

Teachers will use data collected from Tier 2 and 3 to adjust instruction at the universal or Tier 1 level. Decisions for modifying instruction at any tier are based upon formative data collected by the classroom teacher.