EVSC Superintendent Dr. David Smith presented his annual State of Our Schools to address once again to Evansville Rotary. We encourage you to take some time to watch his 2024 address below. Some key takeaways from this high school-focused presentation:

  • 16 of our schools are included in the Top 20% of schools in the state of Indiana according to US News & World Reports (that’s more than 40% of our schools making the top 20% in the state!).
  • Students have a wide array of offerings to fit their interests. We offer 284 different courses, 21 sports, multiple fine arts programs, and an average of 21 afterschool programs at each high school.
  • We offer 30 AP courses - more than any district in our area and most likely in the state.
    AP enrollment is up 144% since 2019, AP exams taken by students is up 54%, and 96% of credits attempted by students were earned.
  • We recognize the importance of technology; ensuring every student has access to cutting-edge technology and the skills to use it. We embrace new technologies like AI and aim to teach students how to use these tools effectively.