Child Release Policy

Children will only be released to a parent/guardian or an adult who is named on the registration form. ED Center staff will ask for identification from persons who are not known to them and who usually do not pick up the child. The ED Center staff has been instructed not to release any child to an adult, who in the judgment of the staff, appears to pose a threat to the safety of the child. In such situations, a staff member will contact another adult authorized by the parents to pick up the child. If no authorized adult can be contacted, the Evansville Police Department will be contacted.

In the event that there is a court order related to a particular adult and his/her interaction with a child who attends the ED Center program, a copy of that order must be on file in the ED Center office. Or in the event that there is a custody dispute between two parents, a copy of that court order must be on file in the ED Center office as well.